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Key Differences Between Christianity and Wokeism

Learn about the key differences between Christianity and wokeism in this article. From the emphasis on grace and forgiveness in Christianity to the celebration of uniqueness and the belief that God is love, these six points highlight the contrast between these two belief systems. While wokeism promotes hatred, division, and a narrative of victimhood, Christianity preaches a message of hope and victory through the gospel. Explore these differences and how they impact our culture and society.

7 Beliefs That Set Biblical Christianity Apart in a Woke World

In this article, learn about the 7 beliefs that set Biblical Christianity apart in a woke world. From the holiness of God surpassing the love of God to the reality of hell and the exclusivity of Jesus, these points highlight the differences between wokeism and Christianity. Explore how these beliefs impact our understanding of God, truth, and salvation, and how they shape our worldview and actions in a woke culture.