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What is Love - Eros

Love is complicated. It is an emotion; it is an action. It can be a verb; it can be a noun. You can

Go There

Empathy is a combination of two Greek words, em and pathos. When placed together, they mean “in feel

Perfect Timing

God’s timing is perfect in life and love. When we are discouraged in the middle of our circumstances

Love the Unlovable

It is easy to love the ones who think you are awesome, the people who love you, and the people who d

Benefit of the Doubt

Thomas Inman, a surgeon from Liverpool, UK, recommended to his fellow doctors that they not prescrib

Delight in the Truth

Martin Niemoller was a prominent Protestant pastor during the Nazi regime in Germany. He was an outs

Rudeness Rising

The problem with self-assessment is most people would rather point out someone else’s faults instead

Love is Not

Have you ever been delayed at an airport surrounded by hundreds of sweaty people, irritated, tired,

Talk To Me

Have you ever eaten pancakes without syrup? Have you tasted French fries without ketchup? Have you t

Unending Love

Most people have experienced love that has failed or ended at one time or another. Maybe you have go

No Blank Check

Every parent desires the best for his child. He wants to provide good things. Parents want to give t

God’s Protection

Have you ever sat on the porch and watched thunderstorms brewing on the horizon? You can hear the ru

Answer Me

Do you ever get frustrated when you call someone and they don’t answer? Do you get irritated when so

Just Rest

It is the first month of the year, and some people already feel the weight of life’s burdens and iss

Perfect Companion

In Romans 8:31, Paul asks a great rhetorical question: “If God is for us, who can be against us?" Wh

Justice For All

A criminal sits before a judge and is sentenced to life in prison for the crimes he committed. He br

Build Your Vulnerability

Fear and shame hold vulnerability hostage. Fear never took a “giant leap for mankind” from space. Fe

Antidote to Shame

In the animated movie, Avatar, there was an exchange between an aging general, Iroh, and a determine


A large crowd eagerly waited in the early morning for a young rabbi. His name was Jesus, and He came

Bounce Back

Scripture is so amazing at painting clear pictures of God’s character. We find in this passage from

Forget About It

Whenever you hear a rooster, do you think of Peter? On the night before Jesus went to the cross, He

Convicted, Not Condemned

If you are like most people, you can go from being peaceful, loving, and patient to being frustrated

Greater Grace

People teasingly refer to klutzy people as “Grace.” Grace is a word that can also refer to mealtime

Believe It

How we think directs our world. The average person has about 70,000 thoughts per day, accumulating a

See it First

Most of us say, “I have to see it to believe it,” but we believe things every day without seeing the

False Guilt

Did you grow up always having to “measure up”? Did you spend most of your life trying to please your

Toxic Thoughts

We all know how much our thoughts affect our lives. Look at some of the popular quotes:“Whether you

What Was I Thinking?

“What was I thinking?” “Why did I say that?” “Why didn’t I stand up and say something?” We all have

Past Haunts

The pain of regret is unavoidable. Everyone experiences it at times over something they said, did, o

Good Shame?

Well-placed shame seems an oxymoron, but it can actually be very healthy and redemptive. If you do s

No Regrets

Regret is something everyone has experienced at one time in their life. It is unavoidable. Whether i

Future Plans

One of the most common questions many ask is, “Does God have a plan for my life?” The answer is “Yes

Take Heart

What’s always in front of you, but you can never see it? Take a moment to consider. Most people imme

Lean On Me

Anyone who’s been on a job interview has heard some form of this question: “What would you say is yo

Counterfeit Guilt

Guilt is an essential response to sin. However, if we aren’t careful, it stops becoming a reaction t

Back Again

Shame is defined as “the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, i


Most of us begin carrying the suitcase of shame at a young age. Maybe you made an athletic team in m

New Year’s Baby Steps

Starting the first year of January, most of us will begin fresh diets. We will initiate exercise reg

Caller ID

Everyday God speaks to us and wants to reveal Himself to us. Sometimes He invites us to join Him and

Wanting and Waiting

Noah waited for rain. Daniel waited in the lion’s den. David waited in the cave. Sarah waited for ba

Broken Grace

It is the week after Christmas and I look over at my “grace” sign hanging in the kitchen and the “G”

Winter Is Coming

Do you know that every year in rural communities they have “rock pickers” who actually pick rocks fr

Hold On

Are you still holding on to Christmas? Christmas carols don’t sound as good after Christmas. Christm

Let Down

Do you kind of feel a let down after all the hoopla of Christmas has passed? Now it is time for ever

Swaddling Details

Think back to the night when Jesus was born. Mary wrapped the Savior of the world, not in a monogram


What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? I remember mine. We used to gather Christmas morn

Christmas Character Quiz

Have you ever seen those online quizzes, “,Which character are you?” Usually the quizzes are about m


Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is quite possibly the most famous Christmas tale ever told. The c

No Random Days

Zechariah and the thousands of other priests were divided into twenty-four sections, and each sectio

The Gifts

I love to wrap presents. It’s not that I am really good at it, but the scene of happy chaos with the

For Those Waiting

We don’t know much about Zechariah and Elizabeth except that he was a priest in the temple, and they

O Holy Night

“O Holy Night” had its origins as a French poem in 1847. Then an American writer, John Sullivan Dwig

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

“O Come, O Come Immanuel” is a very somber carol that originated in the Middle Ages. It was original

O Little Town of Bethlehem

In 1865, Phillips Brooks, from Boston, went to Bethlehem for the first time and visited what was, at

Joy To The World

You may be surprised to know that “Joy to the World” was not meant to be a Christmas song. There’s n


Obviously, Christmas can be a stressful time; just take a stroll through your local mall. We all get

Christmas Lights

One of the first indications of the Christmas season is the appearance of lights – lights on trees a

A Sword

Simeon, an elderly man, was present when Jesus was brought to the Temple to be circumcised. He was a

What’s in the Way

Have you ever lost your composure over a newborn? One who had done nothing yet? Probably not. You ma

Mary Came Around

Did you notice Mary’s initial response to the angel? She responded like most people would if an ange

Nazareth Nobody

Jesus didn’t behave like a king the world expected. He didn’t have academic credentials, no social s

Wise Men

The Magi were powerful, highly influential leaders from the east who arrived in Jerusalem looking fo

Why a Baby

In the first moment, as all new parents do, they gazed at the baby in wonder, in fascination. I’m su

Christmas Lights

One of the first indications of the Christmas season is the appearance of lights – lights on trees a

Unhurried Holiday

“Kids help me load the car, we need to hurry!” “Is it 6am already? I have to hit that online sale so

Too Busy

Hustle and bustle was crazy in Bethlehem. Store owners and vendors had stocked and positioned themse

Common Ground

The night when Jesus was born wasn’t very extraordinary. The sky was normal, the wind was normal, th