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April 12, 2024
How’s That Working for You?

Mark 10:46b-50 exemplifies the power of persistent faith in Jesus through the story of Bartimaeus, who, despite being blind and discouraged by others, boldly calls out to Jesus for mercy and is rewarded for his unwavering belief, encouraging us to choose faith over fear in our own challenges.

April 11, 2024

Ephesians 6:13-14 encourages us to rely on God's strength and armor to stand firm against life's challenges, reminding us that even when we feel overwhelmed, God has equipped us with everything we need to stand our ground.

April 10, 2024
It’s Not About Me

2 Corinthians 12:9 reminds us that our strength lies not in our perfection, but in embracing our weaknesses and relying on God's grace, which is sufficient and showcases His power in our vulnerability.

April 9, 2024
My Way

Psalm 46:10 and Proverbs 19:21 encourage us to release our need for control and trust in God’s sovereign plan, promising peace and rest in the surrender to His will over our own plans and anxieties.

April 8, 2024
Keep Walking

Joshua 6:14 and Isaiah 55:8-9 remind us that God's plans often defy human logic, urging us to trust and obey Him even when His directions seem puzzling, as victory comes not from our understanding but from our unwavering faith in His higher ways.

April 7, 2024
40 Days Later

John 16:7 highlights the essentiality of Jesus' ascension for sending the Holy Spirit to guide, teach, and empower believers, transforming how we live and share our faith in profound and far-reaching ways.

April 6, 2024
What Do You Do?

Luke 24:11-15 illustrates the transformative power of Jesus' resurrection, encouraging us to see the divine in the everyday and to share the profound impact of our faith journey with others, just as the early witnesses did.

April 5, 2024
I Am With You

Matthew 28:20 assures us of Jesus' perpetual presence, a comfort that transcends the fleeting joy of holidays, reminding us that in every moment and season—be it in post-Easter cleanups or in solitude—He is with us, weaving His grace into the fabric of our lives.

April 4, 2024
It Changes Everything

John 19:30 and Luke 23:46 encapsulate Jesus' final moments and His ultimate surrender to God, signifying the transformative power of the resurrection for believers to entrust their lives fully to God's hands, reshaping their existence with eternal perspective and security in His unwavering love.

April 3, 2024
If You Got It, Use It

John 10:9 teaches that Jesus is the gateway to salvation and abundant life, urging believers to fully utilize their faith and spiritual gifts, much like a chant at a basketball game encourages players to use their talents.

April 2, 2024
Who Are You?

Romans 8:15 emphasizes our identity as children of God, transcending worldly labels and roles, and invites us to embrace the profound truth of our adoption into God's family through Jesus Christ.

April 1, 2024
We Can Trust Him

Philippians 2:10 and Matthew 28:18-20 highlight the supreme authority of Jesus over all realms, teaching us to trust Him with every aspect of our lives, as He commands us to make disciples and assures us of His eternal presence.