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Raising a Christian Family

Learn how to incorporate positive discipline into your Christian family and raise your children to honor God. This article offers 5 practical tips on how to establish clear boundaries, make the punishment fit the crime, prioritize consistency and reliability, use natural consequences, and model love and forgiveness. Use these strategies to create a secure and loving environment in your home and teach your children the importance of respecting authority and following God's Word.

God's Formula for a Successful Family

This article discusses God's design for a successful family, including the importance of putting God first, the role of marriage and parenting, and strategies for creating harmony within the family unit. The article also covers the importance of forgiveness and communication, and the role of the church in the family dynamic. The article offers practical tips for establishing a successful family, including setting priorities, incorporating romance, and practicing forgiveness.

Build Your House God's Way

This article discusses how to build a Christian family that follows God's design and serves as a holy objective utilized to serve everyone. It explains the meaning of the acronym H-O-U-S-E, which stands for holy, objective, utilized, serve, and everyone, and provides practical tips on how to apply these principles in your family. The article also emphasizes the importance of being a covenant family, writing down and sharing the blessings of God, and living in obedience to God's Word.

God’s Design for a Christian Family

This article explores the divine design of a Christian family, the importance of having a safe and healing environment in the home, and the role of parents in creating such an environment. The article offers practical tips for making a Christian family a "trauma center" for healing and growth, including motivated parenting, an educated approach, a dedicated plan, and an open-door policy. The article also discusses the importance of forgiveness in maintaining a healthy family dynamic.