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Pastor Ed Young believes in sharing biblical truth in ways anyone can understand. Through his teaching and resources, he takes the complex and makes it simple; so you can use it in your everyday life.

About Ed Young

Pastor. Author. Leader. Speaker.

Ed Young is a pastor, speaker, author, artist, fisherman, proud family man (and much more.) In all aspects of life, he believes in building bridges of love while drawing lines in the sand of right and wrong, even while discussing complex topics.

Latest Radio Broadcast

The Five Fouls of Temptation

In this episode of The Creative Connection, Ed Young draws an analogy between basketball fouls and the temptations in life, illustrating how yielding to temptation leads to consequences much like fouling out in a game, but emphasizes God's grace and forgiveness as the path to victory and a championship life.

Today's Devotional


Hebrews 11:13, 39-40 emphasizes the importance of living by faith, recognizing that the true heroes in the "Hall of Faith" were commended not for their earthly achievements but for their unwavering trust in God's promises, despite not seeing them fulfilled in their lifetimes. This passage challenges us to reflect on our own lives and legacies, encouraging us to live in a manner that shows consistent faith in God's plan, finding contentment and hope in Him through all circumstances.

"You've never locked eyes with someone who doesn't matter to god"


"Nothing in the universe is as important as sharing the good news of the gospel"

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