The Greater Power Within Us

Pastor Ed Young - Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church
Ed Young

August 19, 2023

The Greater Power Within Us


1 John 4:4 "The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."


We live in a world filled with challenges, temptations, and spiritual battles. At times, it may seem that the negative forces surrounding us are overwhelming. However, as Christ followers, we have access to a power that transcends anything this world can throw at us.

Think of a small sailboat navigating through a stormy sea. The wind howls, the waves crash, and it appears that the boat will be swallowed whole. Yet, guided by a skilled sailor, it manages to sail through. In our lives, we have a skilled sailor in Jesus Christ, whose power within us is greater than any storm we may face.

The victory of Christ over Satan is not just a historical event; it's an ongoing reality for every person who has embraced Christ as his Savior. It's the assurance that no matter how fierce the battle, the war has already been won. This truth should overwhelm us with courage, knowing that we don't fight alone. Our struggles, whether they be with addiction, doubts, fears, or anything else, are not beyond God's ability to help us overcome them.


This week, take time to identify areas where you feel defeated or overwhelmed. Recognize that the victory is already won through Christ. If you find yourself dwelling on those things, remind yourself that you are not fighting FOR victory, you are fighting FROM victory. Make a list of those things you are struggling with, pray over them, and give them to God!


Heavenly Father, thank you for the victory over sin and Satan, through Christ. Help me to live each day with the confidence that the one who is in me is greater than anything I face. Strengthen my faith and guide me to recognize and live with your victorious power. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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