Goes Before

Pastor Ed Young - Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church
Ed Young

September 17, 2023

Goes Before


Exodus 17:15 “Moses built an altar and called it ‘The Lord is my Banner.’”


Ancient banners were fashioned from wood or metal, meticulously shaped into diverse symbols or forms, and securely affixed to poles. These standards were prominently displayed atop hills or at the vanguard of armies, serving as both a unifying call and a triumphant proclamation. Their presence ignited fervor for a cause, a leader, or a nation, bestowing hope and a singular purpose.

During the confrontation with the Amalekite army in Exodus 22, Moses held aloft the staff of God, begging God for intervention through prayer. As Israel engaged fervently, the Amalekites were vanquished. Moses, realizing that their victory stemmed from God's shielding and favor, erected an altar and christened it "The Lord is my banner."

God embodies our ultimate banner. He forges ahead of us, providing cover, bestowing blessings. When fatigue threatens to engulf us, the Lord imparts hope. In times of enemy-induced doubt, he supplies a focal point, unwavering and steadfast.


Because he is our banner, we can proclaim his name to the world. We are secure in the victory. We can march from a place of confidence.


Lord, help me to recognize the spiritual warfare around me and to be aware of the enemy’s battle tactics. Give me the strength to fight while flying your banner over it all to claim victory. Help me to focus on you and realize you have won it all. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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