Give Them to God

Pastor Ed Young - Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church
Ed Young

October 6, 2023

Give Them to God


Mark 9:19b “Bring the boy to me.”


"I don't believe in God, and I won't go," the young boy firmly declared to his mother. Those words struck her like a heavy blow, evoking memories of a time when he used to eagerly accompany her to church, his heart brimming with joy. The mother grappled with a lump in her throat, facing the reality of her child's shaky beliefs.

A Christian counselor extended guidance, advising both her and her husband to allow God space to work in their son's life. They were encouraged to let him walk his own unique faith journey, all the while maintaining their unwavering commitment to fervent prayer.

And so, they waited, as months stretched into years. Their prayers became a constant. In the midst of their uncertainty, the mother found solace in the words of Jesus: "Bring him to me." And that's precisely what she did. She held firm to the belief that if Jesus could heal the demon possessed boy, as recorded in the Gospel of Mark, he could surely guide her son to discover God’s presence and his goodness.

Each day, she mentally relinquished her child to God, picturing herself stepping back and placing unshakeable trust in the One who loved her son even more deeply than she did. Every day brought a renewed commitment to the assurance that God intimately comprehended her son's needs and would continue to work in the boy’s life. Maybe you are like this mom and need to pray and leave your child in God's hands. God answers prayers; trust him.


You can trust God. Commit to praying for your children every day, whether or not they are following Jesus right now.


God, I lift my children to you, knowing that you love them even more than I do. You understand just what to do to meet their needs. I commit them into your care. I trust you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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