The Fear Virus

The Fear Virus

Vaccinating Yourself Against Life's Greatest Phobias

Most of us have a natural bent toward fear, and we let that fear seep into our thoughts and every area of our life until it controls us. The fear virus infects us and makes us forget God’s sovereignty, protection, and goodness. But there is a vaccine.

In The Fear Virus, Ed Young addresses common phobias that plague us and the antidote that replaces unhealthy fear with God’s peace and love. Ed Young will boldly confront the fears that often control us with Scripture and wisdom that will help you to take back control of your life and eradicate the fear virus. Differentiating between unhealthy fear and healthy fear, Ed will explain why one is dangerous and the other is essential.

‍The Fear Virus will help you fight against fear and face every day with ultimate respect for God and assurance that He holds all things together.

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