The Gift

November 22, 2020


1 Peter 3:15, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”


Think of the last time you received a really special gift. Chances are that the feeling of excitement you had at that moment would be one that you’d always fondly recall. As a child, you couldn’t wait to tell anyone who’d listen about it right away. Now, as an adult, you still remember that moment and smile as you re-tell the story. It’s an excitement and joy that can’t be contained.

As Christ-followers, the gift of salvation is more than we could ever have hoped for or imagined. This gift covers us with grace and forgiveness and costs more than we could ever be willing to offer — Jesus’ life. And, yet, it gives us abundant life and is free to all. We just have to reach out and take it for ourselves.

Unfortunately, too many don’t understand how truly amazing and valuable this gift is and how accessible it is to have for themselves. The mission to let others know becomes the exciting part for those who’ve already received the gift of salvation found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We get to tell everyone who will listen about this life-giving gift and share it with them. Today’s verse reminds us to be prepared to give a reason for your hope. It’s the most precious gift you can offer. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Who’s on your gift list right now?


Everyone’s story of receiving the gift of salvation is different. Take a moment to write yours down. As you do, ask God for the opportunity to share that story with someone. Be prepared because He will give you chances to share the reason for your hope.


Heavenly Father, Thank You for the most valuable gift I could ever have hoped for — grace and forgiveness through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Help me recognize the opportunities You give me to share this gift with others. Let me never grow tired of expressing all the amazing things You’ve done in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.